365 Reflections on Death in General and Mine in Particular: A Year-Long Practice

A Year in the Death 1/1/21

My parents’ grave site in Hannahstown, PA

“You are afraid of dying. But, come now, how is this life of yours anything but death?”

Is watching hours of mindless television or surfing the Internet alone in your house or apartment living? Is going weeks, months, a year without being in the same room with loved ones living? Is a life without live music and theatre, travel, and social gatherings with friends living? Maybe. Maybe not.

  • Just how afraid of death am I? And will this practice make me less — or more — so?
  • Can contemplating death each day (especially my own) make me a better person? A better husband? A better father? A better grandfather? A better friend?
  • Would I have handled the past deaths of loved ones differently had I completed this exercise earlier in my life? If so, should we teach our children how to embrace both their lives and their deaths?
  • Will this year-long practice raise more questions than it answers?

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