A Short Conversation Between Life and Death: Part 1

A Year in the Death 1/6/21

I recently came across the following (author unknown):

Life asked death, “Why do people love me but hate you?”

Death responded, “Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth.”

I love this — even though I’m not sure I agree with either half of death’s response.

What do you think? Is life a beautiful lie? Is death a painful truth?

I’ll share some of my thoughts tomorrow in Part 2.

This is part of a year-long series I’ve entitled “A Year in the Death.” As I discussed in my first entry on January 1, I am going to contemplate and write about death each day of 2021. Some days, my thoughts and writings may be detailed essays. On others, they may be little more than the contemplation of a quote about death or a piece of art representing death or dying. Also, I may not share every daily contemplation with you, reserving my thoughts to my private journal. But I am committed to the practice and invite you to follow along throughout the course of the year.

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