Monday, September 28

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Back in February, I started a political blog on Facebook called Eleven Three Twenty (Election Day this year). I posted a number of articles before the Covid-19 pandemic took over around mid-March as THE news story of 2020. But with the first presidential debate looming tomorrow evening, I’ve decided to write about the election again — this time on Medium.

Starting tomorrow with a piece on the debate, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and observations, the latest polling trends, and any political tidbits I think might interest folks, leading up to Election Day. My goal is to be truly nonpartisan. I just want to share my passion for politics by posting my thoughts and observations with anyone who is interested in reading them.

For those of you wondering why I’m qualified to write about this topic, I have a PhD in Human Communication Studies from the University of Denver — with an emphasis on leadership, power, and persuasion. My dissertation research focused on political communication, specifically Ross Perot’s 1992 Presidential campaign (“A Mythic Analysis of Ross Perot’s 1992 Campaign Infomercials as a Modern American Jeremiad”). And I have worked on — or consulted for — a number of political campaigns, ranging from the mayoral to the Presidential level.

Feel free to comment on my posts (respectfully, please) — and share the links if you think others might be interested in reading them. I hope I can both excite you about politics and help you make sense of the political landscape as we countdown to what is being called “the most important Presidential election of our lifetime.”

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